Saturday, June 10, 2006


Spring turkey hunt!!!

This hunt took place in Vermont, USA, this past spring and involved my nephew, Ethan and a friend of his. Please read and enjoy.

hey uncle jeff, i havent written back to you yet because my computers busted. but here is my story.

It all started on May 6, 2006 ay about 4:30 in the morning. I had made plans to hunt with my friend, Derek. He picked me up that morning and we headed to this piece of property we could hunt. I had always had some close calls there before, but was never able to pull the trigger on a gobbler. We got set up at about ten minutes to 5:00. I started calling and we did not hear a thing. I probably called for another half an hour and we got some birds to respond. We moved down the ridge on them and talked to them for about another half an hour, nothing. Then it started to sound like they were across the road, so we got up and went out to where we parked the car and didn't hear them anymore. I decided to go back and cut down even further down through the softwoods and set up again. We got down there and I was cutting, trying to get one to respond, and all of a sudden, one lit up about 40 yards from us. Those birds had been coming to us the whole entire time!! They were up at the spot where we had been calling from before, they just had a case of lockjaw. So we sat down right where we were and I called very slowly to them and sure enough, two birds started down this little trail to me. I asked my friend if he wanted to take the bird, he said," no you take him Ethan." So I purred to them a little bit more and the first bird stepped into an opening at 15 yards and I shot him. I was so excited! I had always wanted to kill a turkey on this piece of property and now I had! I shot my turkey at 7:30 that morning. I tagged him and brought him down to the report station and reported him. It weighed 12.25 and had a 2.75 inch beard and one eighth inch spurs. This bird was my third turkey. This hunt just goes to show all you turkey hunters out there not to give up. If you get a bird to respond to you, you can kill him. And I mean that. Don't ever give up. I want to thank my uncle for putting my story and pictures on his website too. He's done a lot for me. Thanks Uncle Jeff

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